El Salvador Family Diaz Honey

By Olympia

Familia Diaz Honey is a collection of the Pacas varietal, carefully processed via the honey process method by brothers Arnulfo and Renato Diaz. The brothers have separate farms but process their coffee together in a flat, sunny location at their father's ranch. This lot, and this relationship, comes from our longstanding sourcing project in La Palma, Chalatenango, El Salvador. This area of El Salvador is remote and rugged, often called El Trifinio, and is where the borders of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala meet. We work with small-scale independent coffee farmers following Fair For All practices, ensuring we can make a positive impact and improve the quality of life for these producers.

The method of honey processing plays a really important role in establishing the flavor of the coffee. In this process, the pulp of the coffee cherry remains on the bean as it dries in the sun, imparting its fruity, sweet notes into the coffee.