Sol Essentials Oils (Vendor)

By Queen City Oils and Vinegars


We've bottled Bee Farmee!

Your Bee Farmee essential oil blends used in your favorite products are now available in diffusible aromatherapy bottles! Our 17 blends of blended oils are lovingly hand-blended, batched, poured, and now available just for you!


balance: welcome peace and harmony (patchouli blend)

breathe: open airways and aid meditation (eucalyptus blend)

breezy: awaken senses and clear headspace (citrus blend)

calm: unwind and promote sleep (lavender blend)

cleanse: brighten mood and cleanse space (ylang ylang blend)

focus: raise consciousness and promote memory function (orange blend)

free: relieve stress and welcome positivity (bergamont blend)

grounded: promote connection and inner peace (cedarwood blend)

growth: revitalize and awaken energies (rosemary blend)

happy: eliminate mental fatigue and promote inner joy (lemongrass blend)

heal: alleviate pain and promote a healing environment (peppermint blend)

love: invigorate senses and rediscover peace (rose blend)

pure: encourage feelings of peace and cleanse space (frankincense blend)

renew: encourage relaxation and relieve stress (chamomile blend)

restore: revive senses and restore mindset (floral blend)

soothe: promote healing while inviting relaxation (calendula blend)

warmth: relax, balance, and mend (chamomile blend)